Dell Mini Comes with XP & Ubuntu – Vodafone to sell in Europe

In the news is the Dell Inspiron the Mini 9 model which is available for sale on its website and for Europe it is Vodafone that is going to be the seller of Mini.

The Dell’s decision was mainly influenced with an intention to be in the game with its rivals like ASUS by this deal with Vodafone. This was confirmed by Vodafone that it would do it as mentioned by Michael Dell. Dell said that this step was to accelerate the use of 3G services by allowing the carriers of telecommunication to sell them.

This Inspiron Mini will be shipped for $349 with Ubuntu and for XP it would be $ will be part of this version as anticipated. It is however noted that the Dell netbooks looks very much similar to that of eeePC from ASUS. Now with this move what one could expect the US Telecom service carriers to do?

The specifications of the Mini include a display of 8.9 inches wide with a drive which is solid state variant. It has Customized Dell interface and weighs about 2.28 pounds so not bad to carry for your work. The operating system can either be Ubuntu or XP as mentioned before. Instead of Laptop it is found to be a very easy and cheaper way of acquiring a laptop with Ubuntu. Dell’s Mini is expected to be a strong response to the net books available now and is mainly intended to make the usage of 3G based services wider which can be possible by a hand from the carriers like Vodafone.

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