Cool Gadgets for Kids to Prevent Mobile Addiction

Most of the kids today are tech-savvy since they are born in an age that is full of technological gadgets. They start handling iPods and iPhones at a very tender age even when they are unable to communicate verbally in a proper manner. This has its own disadvantages and this type of gizmo addiction can become a major headache for you.

Technology should be introduced to your kids but in such a way that it works in a positive way for their mental and cognitive growth rather than turning into an addiction. There are some cool tech gadgets for kids which you can give to them that will have the element of fun, learning as well as the use of the latest technology and will help in the development of your children. So below is the suggestion of some of the best tech toys for kids that you can have.

1. MiP Robot

Best Toys for Kids

It is one of the coolest tech toys that you can give to your child as this smart robot stands 8 inches tall, balances on two wheels, and can be controlled by using your iOS or Android phone. It is more of a fun toy rather than a learning toy, but your kids will love it. The sensors of the app will draw out a path for the robot. You can put the robot in ‘Roam Mode’ and it will go in any one direction but will change the course if it senses some obstacle. As the MIP can carry its weight, you can try “Stacking Mode” and put items on his tray in an upright position.

2. Nabi 2

Kids Electronic Games

It is a tablet that is designed especially for kids with a quick interface, large icons, and parental control mode which is specifically meant for learning. The device comes with an integrated learning system known as Fooz Kids University which is developed to promote learning about academic fundamentals. The tab is sturdy as it is made of food-grade silicone which protects it against drops, bumps, and scratches. It behaves like any normal tab and has features like reading, art, games, photography, and picture editing. It is an interactive toy for kids with a combination of learning and fun.

3. Anki Cars

Electronic Games For 10 Year Olds

You can term them as Hot Wheels cars with a booster shot of steroids. It was first showcased at an Apple event, and it became an instant hit among the people. The whole thing comes with a set of two cars, four charging docks, and tracks. The Anki cars can be controlled through an app on iOS and Android phones. The app gives you the feel of a race car simulator with information like weapons, lane changing ability, and use of turbo boosts. The car drives independently, and there is no need to always holding the ignition button. It is one of the coolest gaming systems for kids, and it comes with a set of eight different “epic battlefields.

4. Nintendo 2DS

Electronics For 7 Year Olds

If you are a gamer and want your kids to carry on your legacy of gaming, then 2Ds is a good option for you. This video game comes with a durable body that can withstand drops and falls. The hingeless body saves you from the trouble of breakage. This handheld video game is perfect for kids under 10 as it will keep them engaged without the problem of the internet or mobile addiction. Nintendo has always been making child-friendly products, and you won’t find anything that is unpleasant to them.

5. iPod Touch

Best Electronics For 10 Year Olds

If your kid is adamant about having a phone, but you feel he or she is not ready for it, then iPod is an option that you can choose. The features of this gadget are relatively the same as any iPhone, and its smart interface will keep your child busy. It is like giving them the feel of the actual thing without the worry of disturbing your own phone by giving it to the kids.

6. Sphero 2.0

High Tech Kids Toys

This little ball is an amazing gadget that is created by Orbotix and can be controlled by your phone. You need to download an app to control the ball and then the fun begins. This ball can roll at a speed of 4mph and can easily float on water too. Just by the sensor on the mobile you can move it in any direction and can even have fun with your pet dog by making him chase the ball. The ball comes with a charging unit that can charge the ball within 60 minutes. It is not only a great toy for the kids but also for the grown adults.

So if you want your kids to get acquainted with modern technology without them grasping any negative side of it, then the above list of gadgets will surely fit your bill of providing fun, learning, and entertainment to your children.

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