Camping Shower Gizmo: To Keep You Clean In Outdoors

Pocket Shower:

A small and handy gadget has been invented to keep you clean by giving you a cool shower in outdoor. It is named as “Sea to Summit pocket shower.” It is a good idea to make your dream come true making your outdoor gateway a pleasant.

EcoFriendly Touch:

More to this, this cleaning gadget is an environmentally conscious gizmo. It is green in color and has been constructed from heat proof water resistant fabric. It comes with a roll-top opening that has been designed for easy filling.

pocket shower

It is a compact bag made up of polyurethane and nylon. It can contain up to 10 liters of water. When it is folded, it is a tiny bag. This much water is enough for a standard shower of 8-9 minutes and that is more than enough to keep you clean in nature green outdoor.

The best feature of this gadget is that you don’t have to heat water up because this smart black fabric is highly capable of absorbing heat to turn cold water into warm within a short period of sunny time. It is one of the necessary camping gizmo and it is portable too. It easily fits in your back pack holding little of its space.

A 20 feet cord comes with it as accessories. This cord is enough to make the gadget stable positioned tying it to a tree. Apart from the shower part, the gizmo can also be used as a traditional dry sack so that you can ferry your clothes and other odds and ends.

The head of the shower makes spray dispersion that runs smoothly. There is also a twist spout to operate as water flow adjuster making it trickling out of the tree. In its zipped form, this pocket shower pouch measures only 45 mm x 80 mm x 140 mm and it weights only 12 kg if fully filled.

This handy gizmo can be easily taken in any outdoor activity. Even to loll out outside. To use it you may not be genius. Unzip it, fill it with water, hang to the tree, open the shower head and enjoy the shower. Become clean.

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