BlueAnt M1 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker With Good Quality Sound But Expensive

The Bluetooth speaker which is portable with good sound quality comes with in built battery but expensive enough to go for it. Many of the Bluetooth speakers are of speaker phone type but this one is of stereo type. This is one of those companies make such speakers for music listeners than for using for calling purposes. Its main function is to provide high quality music streaming and has a rechargeable battery unlike others. Odd side is its costs too much of $139 good if you are a music addict. In spite of being a Bluetooth speaker this is sleek, stylish and modern enough. The white LEDs are cool that highlight around the volume controls. On the back is the charging jack behind the M1. If you don’t want Bluetooth then has a line-in to the jack. Very easy to set up and use with minimum controls, charge indicator is visible by LED light provided. Switch on the mode to Bluetooth then you are instantly connected and you are on the go.

M1 can be used with any other device which has a stereo Bluetooth support, music players, PCs and Macs. If you compare the M1 with Chocolate 3 from LG then M1 has a better sound quality. The subwoofer with 28 watts output generates a loud volume with good bass levels and the sound is cool when bass booster is on. These things make it bigger and better than sound on the cell phone and surprisingly it has accessible range of 10 meters. The most liked part is the removable battery and option for alkaline batteries would have been better and this one is found to be up to the mark which deserves good rating and is recommended. You can easily get a play back for at least 3 to 4 hours when you listen with a high volume else on a medium volume range for 10 hours. When it comes to time needed for charging up it comes to 3 hours and the stand up time is estimated to be for 62.5 days.

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