Best Home Security System in India
Best Home Security System in India

Best Home Security System in India

Home security systems are like the third eye of yours which helps to keep a watch on all kinds of activities around or inside of your home and office with storage data capability. It ensures your home’s safety with its CCTV equipment, keeping a 360-degree watch. It also helps to nab the offenders who try to break into your home with the wrong intentions. So if you are also planning to install a home security system in your home or office, then here are some of the best home security devices you can consider.

Top 7 Home Security Systems Available In India

1. Wizzit HD WiFi Home Security Camera

Cctv Camera for Home

It is a smart home security system that has an HD resolution camera that gives a resolution of 1.0 MP and 720p HD quality video that will give you clear images be it day or night. Its powerful 10 IR-LEDs enables night vision up to a distance of 26 feet along with a motion detector that acts as a security alarm and sends instant email or SMS to the owner in case any suspicious activity is detected.

A micro SD card slot built-in the camera which is expandable up to 128 GB can store motion detection data up to 45 days within a space of 16 GB. This security camera has a two-way mic that catches any sound within its range and has a rotating motor that can be controlled by your Smartphone.


2. Saviour Wireless IP HD Wifi CCTV

Wireless Home Security Systems

In the chart of electronic security system, Saviour Wireless IP HD WiFi CCTV camera gives you a sense of strong security. Not only it detects suspicious movements but also fire and gas leakage too. The system is equipped with a loud siren that can alert the people nearby and it also sends alert messages to the owners in case of intrusion or any other activity. By installing the application on your phone, you can remotely control it no matter how many devices are installed.

It can cover a perimeter up to 164 feet, and with its 2-way audio monitoring system, it enables the user to communicate with other people in its video coverage area. It has a memory card slot that is expandable up to 128 GB and can store live feed. The inbuilt infrared LEDs allow clear night vision.


3. Zicom – Home Watch IP Wifi Camera

Zicom Cctv Camera

Zicom is a trusted brand when it comes to home security, and its CCTV delivers the job for which it is famous. If you are a parent and want to keep an eye on the activities of your children, then this camera will be useful for you. The live feed of the video can be seen on mobile from anywhere, anytime. The pan and tilt function of the camera with zoom, allowing you to see every corner of the room. It also records a video instantly when some unknown person enters your room.

4. Godrej Security Solutions Solus 4

Godrej Home Security System

Godrej is a reputed name in the home security system in India and is the most preferred brand. The security system records video at a resolution of 720p HD resolution DVR with its two IP camera. With the help of your smartphone or tablet, you can do real-time monitoring by downloading the app.

The mammoth size hard drive of 1 TB gives you abundant storage space for the video recording. The indoor dome camera and the external dome camera monitors every movement at your house day and night keeping it absolutely safe. The DIY cabling system is quite easy to install, and it is one of the best home security systems available in the market.

5. D3D Fisheye Vision 360° Panoramic IP Camera

Home Security Products

For those who are looking for a wireless security camera system for them, D3D is an amicable option. It comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera with a 1.44 mm fisheye lens that covers a wide range and records high-quality video. Like its name, it provides a 360° view of the entire room with no blind spots. The feature of the P2P cloud enables monitoring the home activity via mobile application quite easily. The micro SD card slot allows storage up to 128 GB of live footage. The device is simple to install with its DIY setup.

6. Xiaomi Mi 6 Captcha Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Home Security Solutions

In the race of home security systems, Xiaomi has leaped into action with its indoor security camera. It gives a decent picture quality of 720p, and the footage can be easily accessed on a smartphone. The user can rotate the camera 360 degrees with the help of his mobile app to get a complete view of the premises.

The camera comes with 10 IR LED lights which help in giving crystal clear night vision even in low lights. It is also equipped with motion detectors that track any suspicious movement and immediately alert the owner via messages. It also has an expandable memory MicroSD card slot and a 2-way audio port to make communication easier.

7. iBall Home Security Smart HD Peep-hole Viewer

Door Security System For Home

For security at the door, you can bank on iBall’s peephole viewer that comes with a 2-megapixel camera that beams 1920 x 1080p image resolution quality, and the video can be viewed on 4.3 inch HD LCD touchscreen device. The camera has a built-in motion sensor that can detect any activity in the range of 2 meters and instantly sends a signal to the user.

The video footage can be stored on a MicroSD card which is expandable up to 32 GB which has a standby time of approximately 1 month. The night vision facility helps in keeping an eye on any unwanted activity even when you are not at home.


So if you are planning to install home security devices to keep your house safe and secure from any untoward incident along with keeping an eye on it, then the above home surveillance camera systems are some of the best options that you can opt for.

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