Apple Multi-Touch iPod Tablet to be Launched Soon

Apple Multi-Touch iPod Tablet to be Launched Soon

While rumors are spreading about Apple’s iPhone Nano, there is another interesting scoop on iPod. Yes! The company is planning out for a superior version of iPhone-sans-the-phone, iPod Touch. The much expected Netbook competitor from Apple, this new tablet device is really going to rock the trendy generation. According to sources, the iPod Touch will have 7 or 9-inch screen which works perfectly as stretched version of the Touch. You enjoy the device as it will be having many special features like you can browse the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, examine any e-book and play new video games.


This new tablet device would make you comfortable and you can have delightful time. you can run and store thousands of apps and songs from iTunes. The only wonder is that why the tech giant company wouldn’t insert the swivel feature to its MacBook Air’s screen, which gives additional surprise to this incredible hi-fi product. But many people are eagerly waiting for the iPod Touch Tablet and hope Apple would release it very soon.

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