Apple Finally Meets the Customer Demands for iPhones in US

It seems that Apple is starting to catch up on the backlog of demand for the Apple iPhone 3G, at long last; well in the United States anyway.

According to the information given by analyst Ben Reitzes of Lehman Brothers, they had revealed that within a short span all US Apple retail stores had 16GB iPhones in black and white ready to sell, something which Apple hadn’t been able to accomplish since the launch.

The 8GB iPhone, too shows 99 percent availability across the electronics giant’s network, and the 8GB is usually the first one to be out of stock.

Ben Reitzes says: “We have seen a major improvement in iPhone availability in the US throughout August. It appears as though supply has met demand entering September (as expected).”
Is Apple able to keep up with the overseas demand, is it managing to supply all the countries it has launched in?

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