7 Cool Tech Gadgets for Your Car

Owning an automobile is a dream of almost everyone. For some, it is just not mode transportation but also passion without which they cannot live. For such passionate car lovers, there are several types of gadgets available that they can install in their car to make the ride more high-tech and comfortable. These gadgets serve different purposes right from your car’s safety to your in-car entertainment. So let’s check out the cool car gadgets that you can install in your vehicle to make your ride safe and comfortable.

1. Blaupunkt BP2.0 Black Surveillance Camera

Cool Car Gadgets

It is a useful safety gadget for the car which works as a protective device against reckless drivers. The camera records the activities continuously around the vehicle while driving. It is useful for the car owners to have audio-video proof in case they come across any mishap or any kind of other wrongdoing occurring with them.

The camera can be easily placed on a dashboard, and it records with an HD quality resolution of 1080p. The camera also has a motion detection system that helps to capture video even when you are away from the car. This small device is a useful security gadget for your car that you can install.


2. Anker Compact Car Jump Starter

Car Electronic Gadgets

Breakdown of the car is the worst nightmare for any car owner. At times the battery of the vehicle also malfunctions and it is not able to supply power for running the car. On such occasions, the car jump starter can become a lifesaver for you. Once attached to your car battery, it immediately charges it right after you jump-start it. The kit is not bulky and can easily accommodate in your car’s glove compartment. It is really useful in distressful situations, mainly when you are stranded in a place where there is no service station in proximity.

Apart from charging the battery of the car, this gadget is also helpful for charging your cell phone, tablets as it has two USB power outlets. It also has a flashlight which can be a great help if you get stuck in the dark. It is compatible with both petrol and diesel engine, and you just need to charge this gadget once in three months to keep its lifespan long.

3. Zento Cool Air Seat Cushion

Cool Car Interior Gadgets

Traveling during the hot summertime in the car can be quite a punishing affair especially when you are driving the vehicle. To have a comfortable ride during the summer days, you can opt for Zento Cool Air Seat Cooler Cushion. It cools you by circulating air through hundred of its tiny spaces in the microfibers and mesh spaces. The ventilation helps to keep you cool instead of feeling the scorch of the seat during the hot weather. The seat cushion is helpful to keep you cool even if the air-conditioning of the car fails. It is easy to install and runs on 12v power by plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket of the car. It is perfect for any kind of vehicle be it truck, car, bus, vans and it can be easily stored in the car’s glove compartment.

4. Belkin Bluetooth Car Kit

Car Gadgets and Accessories

This little car gadget can prove to be an incredibly useful device for you. It allows you to operate your smartphone without any hassle by connecting to it via Bluetooth for taking calls and playing music without touching the phone. You can power the gadget by plugging in the lighter jack of the car and inserting an aux cable into your music system. Once done, this awesome gadget will help you to shuffle between your phone calls and music in an effortless manner.

5. Smart Think Real-Time GPS Tracker

Security Gadgets for Cars

The most important thing for any car owner is its security, and they do not want any kind of compromise with it. To keep a tab on your vehicle, there is no better gadget than a GPS tracking device. The Smart Think plug-and-play GPS tracker is a useful gadget to track your four-wheeler like a car, bus, and truck. You need to download the app to your smartphone, and you can monitor your vehicle’s movement quite easily. Not only it tracks your vehicle but also gives you parking alerts, real-time vehicle movements, over speeding alarm other information. It can be switched to multiple cars, and there is no hassle of configuring it.

6. Maxboost USB Charger

Gadgets for Cars

A smartphone with a dead battery is the worst thing that can happen to you while traveling. To save you from such a predicament, the Maxboost USB charger can keep your mobile charged while driving your car and prevent the battery from getting drained. It is a small charging gadget that can be easily plugged into the lighter socket and used.

7. Segolike Wireless Key Finder

Unique Car Gadgets

Misplacing car keys can be quite irritating especially when you are you are in a rush to leave for your office or someplace important. Finding the keys becomes an annoying task and even after jumbling up everything the keys remain untraceable. To solve this issue, the Segolike Wireless Key Finder is a helpful gadget for you. This remote key finder can track keys in the trickiest corners of your house and other places like underneath the mattress, inside bags, and purses within a range of 30 meters.

The remote control has buttons dedicated to different rings and once you press the button the keyring will emit audio signals. By following it, you will be able to trace the keys easily. Each keyring has a different color for easy identification. The wireless remote also has LED light which shall assist you to find your keys in the dark as well.

So for all the car owners, if you want to make your ride a safe and comfortable one, then you can certainly opt for these cool gadgets for the car that will make your drive a pleasurable one.

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