6 Best Blu-Ray Players (2021)
6 Best Blu-Ray Players (2021)

6 Best Blu-Ray Players (2021)

With technological advancement, the means of home entertainment have also improved a lot. You can enjoy the same type of quality entertainment that you get at a cinema theatre right at your home. For those who love watching movies, the Blu-ray DVD players are the perfect electronic gadget on which they can watch HD quality movies with tremendous sound output. These Blu-ray players are the best companion for your smart TV and home theatre system. If you are also planning to purchase a Blu-ray DVD player for your home, then you can choose from the list of best Blu-ray players given below.

1. Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray Player

Samsung Blu Ray Player

This Blu-ray DVD player is pretty neat with some interesting features. One of the best features is its 4K upscaling. There are varieties of apps available with the player which can open seamless avenues of entertainment; however, the organization of the apps is not proper. The speed of the player is fast, thanks to the dual-core processor of the player. The curvy design of the player looks attractive rather than the conventional boxy appearance.


2. Sony BDPS1500 Blu-ray Player

Sony Blu Ray Player

Sony is popular for using state of the art of technology for making its digital gadgets. This DVD player from Sony has multiple features that will provide non-stop entertainment to you. It is a great boon for game lovers as you can play your PS3 games on this player itself. The gadget is also loaded with many video and music streaming apps that you can access by connecting the player to your home Wi-Fi network.

With 4K upscaling, you can enjoy your Blu-ray disc movies in HD quality with 1080p resolution. The player has got a simple interface which makes the navigation part easy for the apps and other features. You can also plug in your USB devices to the DVD player and enjoy your music and video directly on the TV. It also supports Dolby Digital True HD with crystal clear sound quality which will enhance your cinema viewing experience.

3. Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player DMP-UB400

Panasonic Blu Ray Player

Panasonic is known for its cutting-edge technological products, and its Blu-ray players are a perfect example of it. The DMP-UB400 is a 4K ultra HD Blu-ray player that delivers brilliant picture quality displaying every bit of detail. The design is a bit unique as the DVD tray, and the USB port is covered by a mirrored flap.

The player has an HDR function via which you can access multiple online video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and BBC iPlayer. The interface is simple and easy to use even by someone who has never operated a Blu-ray player before.

4. Philips BDP2190 Blu-Ray Disc Player

Philips Blu Ray Player

This Blu-ray DVD player comes with some of the most exciting features that make it a favorite among everyone. To begin with, it delivers razor-sharp picture quality with its HD 3D cinematic illusion, giving a mesmerizing movie experience. The stunning resolution of 1920 x 1080p resolution lets you see every detail of the image without missing anything.

The sound quality is also superb as it reproduces the finest quality sound effect from the discs with its Dolby TrueHD feature. The player is DivX Plus HD certified which lets you stream HD movies directly from the internet to your Philips HDTV. You can also play movies from your Pendrive or other USB devices by inserting them in the USB port provided with the Blu-ray player. The remote of the gadget works a multiple device remote which can control your TV, home theater, and soundbar by using the HDMI CEC industry-standard protocol.

5. LG BP250 Blu-Ray Player

Lg Blu Ray Player

This Blu-ray player is a superb gadget made by Lg electronics that can make your movie-watching experience a pleasurable one. It supports a full HD display of 1920 x 1080p resolution to give you the best picture quality. The inbuilt upscaling feature of the DVD player is a real gem as it can even turn standard resolution video to Full HD resolution.

The DVD player shuts down automatically if it remains idle for a prolonged time which helps in saving power as well. The parental lock system provided with the player makes it secure too. The gadget has a sleek design which is quite attractive, and it is light in weight as well, weighing 830 grams only. With all these features, it becomes one of the best Blu-ray DVD players from the house of Lg electronics.

6. Pioneer BDP-180 Network 3D Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer Blu Ray Player

Pioneer is famous for making outstanding products with marvelous technological advancement. The BDP-180 Network 3D Blu-Ray Player is another jewel from it that can play any sort of discs right from a scratched CD to a soiled one. You get an amazing razor-sharp picture quality with its 4K upscaling feature delivering Full HD 1080p resolution.

You can also play the contents of your mobile directly on the TV with its Miracast feature that allows you to connect your smartphone wirelessly. It also has a USB port on the front via which lets you play movies and songs stored on your USB devices. So whether for car or home, Pioneer gives the best products which are always a true value for your money.

In a nutshell, these Blu-ray DVD players can surely enhance your cinema viewing experience with splendid 4K upscaling features, Full HD resolution, and 3D movie options in selective models. For the movie buffs, these Blu-ray players are the perfect presents that they can gift themselves or to someone else.

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