5 Best Portable Boomboxes in India
5 Best Portable Boomboxes in India

5 Best Portable Boomboxes in India

Boombox was one of the most trending gadgets during the 80s era for playing music loudly. It had one or two cassette players, AM/FM radio with two loudspeakers and a carrying handle to take it around. They were big, bulky, and were powered by battery or line power.

With the advancement of technology, several other gadgets for playing music got introduced which faded the popularity of the Boombox. However, it did not die out completely and had come back in the new millennia with some new features like a CD player, MP3/WMA compatibility, USB input, remote control, and several other features. It has also come with cosmetic design changes which made it look ultra-modern and stylish. To know which are the best selling portable boombox you can buy just check out the list given below.

1. Sony MHC-V50D High-Power Portable Audio System with Party Lights

Sony Boombox

If you love a party with nerve pulsating music then this Sony Boombox is the right gadget for you. This single speaker type design can certainly deliver crystal clear sound quality with thumping bass that can pump up any party mood.


  • Dolby digital sound with detailed surround sound
  • Mega Bass button with DSEE sound enhancement to deliver high-quality music
  • LDAC technology to stream wireless music via Bluetooth
  • Karaoke with two mic inputs and sound effects
  • Plug and play guitar to make your own mini-concert
  • USB and DVD compatibility
  • Illuminated touch panel for controlling in dark
  • Control with Dj function via an android app called Sony Music Center to
  • Party lighting for creating a club-like ambiance
  • Easily portable
  • Inbuilt AM/FM radio

2. Rocker BoomBox

Boombox Band

This compact boombox can reproduce superb sound quality that will enhance your music listening experience. The easy-to-carry boombox can give you long hours of wireless entertainment with its booming bass effect. For people who want to throw a small party indoors with great music, it is an appropriate gadget for them.


  • 32-watt indoor-outdoor speaker
  • Easy to carry portable design
  • Cordless operation
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries that can play up to 9 hours
  • xBass technology with dual passive sub-woofers that delivers ultra-low frequencies
  • 4 speakers drivers (2X15W Speaker Drivers + 2X1W Tweeters + 2 Bass Radiators)
  • AM/FM radio
  • Hands-free calling
  • Top-mounted Bass and treble controls
  • LCD display
  • USB flash drive
  • AUX input
  • TF MicroSD card reader

3. Philips AZ1837 Boom Box

Philips Boombox

This portable boombox from Philips delivers a great sound quality that will surely make your music listening experience a sheer delight. The futuristic lightweight design of the stereo boombox is easy to carry and it has some splendid features that can uplift your enjoyment level while listening to music.


  • Direct USB plug and play for streaming MP3/WMA files from portable USB drives
  • Can play MP3/WMA CD and CD-RW
  • CD Shuffle/Repeat functions to customize your music enjoyment
  • FM/MW (AM) Radio Tuner
  • 20-Track CD Programmable
  • MP3 link connectivity lets you play MP3 files directly from portable media players
  • Audio compression technology helps in reducing large file size without altering their output quality
  • Lets you download MP3/WMA files directly from authorized websites for creating your own library

4. Philips AZ390W Sound Machine Boombox

CD Player Boombox

It is yet another cute little boombox from Philips that can entertain wholly. It has got attractive features with excellent audio output. The compact design is easily portable and an apt companion for enjoying music at outdoor picnics or in-house parties.


  • Attractive black and white color
  • Direct USB plug and play
  • MP3 CD, CD, and CD-RW compatible
  • FM radio tuner
  • Personalize your music listening with CD shuffle/Repeat option
  • 20-track CD programmable
  • 5 mm jack for listening via headphone

5. LG OM4560 All-In-One Mini System Cube

Lg Boombox

It is an excellent product for party lovers as its monstrous sound output can sweep you off your feet. This Lg boombox is loaded with features that can deliver crystal clear sound and set the mood for a party. Apart from that, it is an ideal gadget for an enhanced music listening experience and one of the best boombox available in the market.


  • Two-way speakers with one 6.5 inches woofer that delivers a thumping bass effect
  • Can connect to any music device with a 3.5 mm mini-jack and with RCA or USB jack
  • Multiple CD player features for playing your discs back to back
  • Experience powerful bass effect with Bass Blast for deep and dynamic bass
  • Karaoke with voice cancellers to suppress the song vocals for better sing along
  • Connect two more speakers with Wired X-Boom Plus via AUX OUT for double sound output
  • Control the pitch of the song with Key Changer for making the song suitable for your voice
  • Stream music and control the boombox by syncing it with Music Flow App
  • Make your party lively with the built-in flashlights of the speakers
  • Bluetooth streaming allows you to connect your mobile wirelessly and play your favorite music

Boomboxes have come a long way in technological evolution and are still fighting to retain their place. From 1970s to the 80s era, boombox has gone through radical transformation by adding CD player, multiple format support like MP3/WMA along with AM-FM radio tuner. The compact design and easy portability remain the key factor for its survival. Therefore if you want to buy a boombox with good features and excellent audio output, then you can consider the list given above.

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