5 Best LED Monitors In India (2018)

LED Monitor

You might have taken the best computer for yourself with all high-tech configurations, but it is all useless until you don’t have a good monitor. We do many activities on the PC right from gaming, social media, net browsing, official work and for doing all that a monitor is required. Now the thing is you need to choose monitors that will suit your requirements rather than picking up any random monitor that you come across. It includes seeing their specifications like screen size, resolution and color contrast ratio. To know which are the best-LED monitors that you take home then just have a look at the list given down below.

LED Monitor

1. Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL 23.6-inch Curved LED Monitor

Samsung LED Monitor

The ultra slim design of the monitor with curve gives it a fabulous futuristic look.  The 1800R curvature of the screen offers a dynamic viewing experience with a fantastic panoramic view. It delivers impressive picture quality with stunningly vivid colors. You can see Full HD videos with a resolution of 1080p with unbelievable clarity. It is also easy on the eyes as it has an Eye Saver Mode which optimizes your viewing comfort and you can watch movies, play games and do your official work without straining your eyes.

The frame rating of the monitor is incredibly fast due to its integrated AMD FreeSync technology that minimizes the latency of the frame rate during your gameplay. It allows smooth viewing of the game without any blurring thereby enhancing your gaming experience. With all these features, this certainly deserves the top position among the best-LED monitors of 2017.

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Lg Monitor

This Lg LED monitor has a super slim design that will add modishness to your interiors of the house and office. It offers a fabulous display with vivid color projection. The large screen with slim bodyline gives you the maximum view of the video, documents or the game that you are playing. To enhance your viewing experience you can customize the settings of the monitor according to your convenience apart from preset settings available. The monitor also takes care of your eyes by protecting from the harmful blue light by reducing the flicker level to zero. It has an HDMI cable port which allows you to connect the devices directly to the monitor which gives you more immersive viewing experience.

The monitor offers a sheer delight for the gamers with its AMD free sync technology which helps in eliminating the low frame rate and screen shuttering due to HDMI port connection. You can do multitasking on this monitor with the help of the PIP mode which lets you work on two windows simultaneously. If anyone has a problem with color recognition, it offers an improved color vision to people having a color weakness.

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3. BenQ GW2270 21.5-inch Full HD VA LED Backlit Monitor

Benq Monitors

If you are looking for a good monitor for your PC, then BenQ is also an excellent choice. This LED monitor delivers high performance for both work and play. The ZeroFlicker technology of the monitor eliminates the flickering at all brightness level thereby reducing the strain of your eyes. Hence the chances of your eye fatigue drop down drastically. The ultra-high native contrast of 3000:1 ratio gives you superb resolution with magnificent color depth that highlights even the most complex details of the images.

The 8-Bit color VA panel delivers smooth and stable color transitions by providing a total 16.7 million color shades at the same time. The wide-angle view of 178°/178° displays true authentic colors with ultra sharp images. With all these features, this monitor will cater all your requirements whether you use it for official purpose or for gaming.

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4. Dell S Series S2218H 21.5-inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Dell LED Monitor

This monitor from Dell can give your PC a high-tech upgrade which will enhance your desktop experience. It delivers incredible picture clarity with its full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution, displaying razor sharp crystal clear images.  It offers comfortable viewing due to its flicker-free technology which does not strain your eye even after constantly looking at the monitor.

The monitor is also equipped with audio speakers of 3 watts each. The sound is quite clear hence you don’t need to buy additional speakers for your computer. The monitor itself has a line in audio jack port, HDMI port, and VGA port while allows you to connect any device to the smartphone or external hard drive directly to the monitor.

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5. HP Envy W8L45AA 23.8-inch LED Monitor

Hp Monitor

This ultra-thin monitor from HP certainly stands out from the rest due to its literally frameless body. Its full HD picture resolution caters crystal clear images capturing every detail of the picture. The IPS technology used by this monitor flaunts dynamic wide angle viewing experience of 178°/178°. The 5ms response time of this monitor reduces the blurring of the image thereby decreasing chances of straining your eyes.

The FreeSync technology of the monitor flaunts true color images which looks absolutely outstanding. It is ideal for both work and play as the sleek design will not only be a classy addition to your workstation, but its advanced technology will enhance your personal computing experience as well.

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These are some of the best monitors that you can take home for connecting to your PC. They will not only enhance your desktop experience by displaying dynamic picture quality and at the same time reducing the strain on your eyes and decrease the chance of eye fatigue.

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