5 Best Air Purifier for Home (2018)

Air Purifier For Home

The quality of air what you breathe is critically important as in today’s date the air is full of pollution. This can cause a lot of health issues for you. In some regions, the air pollution is so high that breathing such air can cause respiratory and lung-related diseases. This is mainly harmful to the children and the elderly persons in the house. For these reasons, having an air purifier in the house is becoming a necessity. This device helps in filtering the air inside the home thereby improving the air quality, protecting you from airborne diseases. So if you want to get one too, then here is a list of some of the best air purifiers you can have in your home.

Air Purifier

1. Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 60-Watt Aerasense Air Purifier

Philips Air Purifier

It is a good air purifier meant for improving the air quality of your home. The purifier has got Activated Carbon Filters which helps in removing the bad odors. The purifier is incredibly quiet and does not make much noise. It filters out dust pollutants, hair, pollens and other large particles. It has the advanced AeraSense technology filter system calculates the indoor pollution level and promptly alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced.

It compellingly propels clean air with the help of Aero-Dynamic Vortex Design. You can even switch to turbo mode for faster purification of your room air. The purifier is light in weight and is easily portable. There are three air inlets on the purifier which allows it to give maximum performance. It also has a child lock system too, so there are no worries if your children are around the device.

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2. Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Wave 123-Watt Air Purifier

Eureka Forbes Air Purifier

Eureka Forbes is popular for its home care products, and this air purifier is also one of them. It is loaded with active shield filter which has a powerful 6 stage advanced multilayered purification process which eradicates harmful pollutants that can cause airborne diseases. It has an air quality indicator which monitors the quality of the air and also the amount which needs to be purified.

The device has a 4 stage air flow control which adjusts accordingly on the basis of purification required. The intelligent reminder of the purifier alerts the user about the replacement of the filter when you have utilized it to the fullest. The air purifier comes with a remote control thereby making it convenient to operate it.

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3. Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Room Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Purifier

This air purifier not only cleans the air in your room but also adds a style statement to your home with its colorful, sleek design. It is one of the best air purifiers due to its zero blind angle which lets it suck in air from every side giving you maximum purification of air. The device operates with less amount of noise hence it won’t disturb your night’s sleep. It eliminates the contamination of the air from the dust and other pollutants that can harm your health, providing clean and clear air for you to breathe.

It has smart sensing feature of intelligent auto mode that makes the purifier function immediately after it detects pollution in the room. There is a LED light display on the top which has 3 color indicators which shows the ambient air quality. The device is completely compact with no exposed filter which makes it absolutely safe for the kids since they do not come in contact with pollutants due to it. You can even replace the filters on your own without the help of any technician.

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4. MI Air Purifier 2

Air Purifier For Home

Mi is not only popular for making smartphones but also making home care devices such as air purifiers. The purifier’s elegant compact design not only looks classy but it also has the capacity to clean the air of the room in a span of 10 minutes. It gets rid of all the impurities of the room air with the help of 360-degree triple layer cylindrical filter. It is composed of PET primary filter, ultra-dense EPA filter and activated carbon filter which purifies air from every angle of the room.

Its aircraft like engine technology offers all-around circulation, pumping clean air to every direction of the room. The rotating motor is relatively silent hence it won’t disturb you. The device can be controlled and monitored with the help of an app which you can download to your smartphone. It also shows you the air quality of the room and even alerts you when the filter needs to be changed.

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5. Kent Aura 45-Watt Room Air Purifier

Kent Air Purifier

Kent is one the most popular brands for home appliances and its air purifier also shares the same popularity. This purifier comes with HEPA technology (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) which can eradicate nearly 99.9% of harmful PM 2.5 pollutants. It comes with anti-bacterial coated HEPA filters which help in getting rid of bacteria in the air thus making it healthy to breathe.

The inbuilt ionizer of the purifier assists in maintaining the freshness of the room’s air. The device is fully child proof hence children cannot tamper with its setting. The carbon filter eliminates any bad odor from the house like cigarette smoke or external garbage stink. The motor of the purifier is literally noiseless, and it also shuts off automatically after 8 hours.

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These purifiers will not only help in improving the air quality of your home by purifying it but will also make the ambiance of the house healthy. They will prevent the pollutants and microorganisms from affecting you and your family’s health, keeping you safe from any type of disease caused by air. So if you are thinking of getting an air purifier for your home, then you can choose from these best air purifiers mentioned above.

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