Western Digital to Launch 2 TB HDD Very Soon

When I first got my Computer the HardDisk I got was just 2GB. Now the Hard Drive capacities have increased tremendously. Currently I have got a 320 GB Hard Disk which I feel is very much enough for me. But right now I had read that Western Digital is planning to launch its 2TB hard drive later this week. I hope that HardDisks with TB’s of space will be common very soon.


Western Digital’s Caviar Green series WD20EADS will have 32 MB of cache, 8.9ms seek time and will come in either 5400RPM or 7200RPM variant. The harddrive is expected to have four 500 GB platters. Information about the WD20EADS first appeared on a Czech Computer site. The MSRP of these drives is not yet known. But there are strong rumors that the retail prices will be about $210-240(€160-€180). But you can get a pair of 1TB drives at that price.

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