Toshiba Unveils Updated L And P Series Of Laptops

Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba has unveiled its updated L-series and P-series of laptops which aims to further enrich Toshiba Image

users experience with Toshiba’s products. Users will get to choose from three screen sizes from the L-series of laptops. L-series will offer L735 (13.3″), L755 and L755D (15.5″) and L755 (17.3″) all of which will feature Trubright HD+ technology alongside optional 3D able Blu-ray player and HDMI connectivity.

Apart from this L755D will offer users a choice between Intel’s Pentium Core i3, i5 and AMD E350 processor. Screen of the largest display will be equipped to produce pictures of resolution measuring 1600×900 pixels while the smallest display will produce pictures of resolution measuring 1366×768 pixels.

Other Features In The L-series Of Laptops

Apart from the aforementioned features, the L-series of the laptops will have pre-loaded video player 3D software which is capable of converting 2D images into 3D and the laptops in the series will be equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium OS. The size of RAM will vary from 4GB to 8GB while users will have the choice of either choosing hard disk storage space between 320GB and 750 GB.  Standard Wi-Fi connectivity will be provided with the L-series of the laptops.

The P-series laptops will also be equipped with Windows Home7 Premium OS and will have 8GB RAM and 750GB hard disk. The P-series will have two display options, 17. inches (P775 and P750D) and 15.6 inches (P775 and P770). The main difference between the P-series and L-series is that P-series will be equipped with second generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. P755 will have integrated Nvidia 3D graphics card and all the laptops of this series will have WiFi facilities.

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