Nokia Enters the Netbook Market with Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G Enters the Netbook Competition

Here comes the mobile giant Nokia’s entry into a bigger platform. Nokia is going to release its netbook officially on September 2nd during Nokia World 09 in Barcelona. 

Nokia's Netbook

Nokia Booklet 3G : Specs Preview

The netbook looks very sleek and the design seems to be inspired by the Mac Book. Officially, no specs have been released but everyone believes that Nokia Booklet 3G will have an aluminium chassis weighing 2.75 lbs and measuring 2 cm of thickness. It has all the usual netbook features like Webcam, SD Card Reader, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Powered by Intel’s Atom Processor, Nokia Booklet 3G has a bundle of some interesting features absent in its competitors. Highlighting feature is that it includes an in-built SIM Card slot to enable 3G/HSPA networking. The Netbook also features some advanced features found in its phones such as A-GPS, Nokia maps and Ovi Services.

Nokia Netbook 3G comes with a 10.1 inch HD display and with an HDMI port. According to some sources it will ship with Windows 7 OS . For a smooth run of Windows 7 hardware specs have to be excellent. So we can expect it to have more  than 160 GB of Hard Disk and 1GB Ram, surpassing the usual Netbook limits. Well, it is a premium product and no one will be surprised to see a hefty price tag with it.  

 Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Netbook 3G Has Everything including a Long Lasting Battery

Best part is that you don’t need to carry an extra thing with your Booklet as it has everything in it. This HSDPA equipped Booklet 3G is likely be packaged with a mobile data plan and will be subsidized accordingly.

As you know, Nokia has the honour of providing the longest battery life when compared with other mobiles. The same thing is promised here too. It boasts of 12 hour battery life. Let’s wait and see how Nokia competes with the high performers like Asus, Acer and Sony in the netbook category.

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