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Ivory – Solitaire Tile Matching Game for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux

Mahjongg is a hot pick game mainly for those who enjoy and make most of the time playing small games. Ivory is one such miscellaneous 3D game which is available for free. It is basically a solitaire tile matching game. It comes with a very good collection of themes with decent graphics that gives a…

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MRTG(Multi Router Traffic Grapher) – Monitor Your Network Traffic

Do you want to know the traffic details of your Router? Then you can install MRTG(Multi Router Traffic Grapher) to get a detailed report about you network traffic. MRTG can be used to generate graphs and report showing the traffic that has passed through all your interfaces. You can use MRTG for all your network…


Slax Portable Linux – Boot From USB, CD, MP3 Player, HDD or Camera

Slax is a Linux operating system that is basically a Slackware based and you can have it running on a LiveCD or boot it from a USB or directly from the RAM. One good thing about it is that it comes packed with a full range of applications pre-installed with it. Of course small in size and you can customize it as you like. This USB bootable Linux enables to have desktop based environment for you no matter wherever you go. Any system that allows you to boot from USB can have it running Slax for you. So you can run Slax right from your CD/DVD, USB Drive, MP3 Player or even from a Camera.

Ubuntu 6.10, Edgy Eft Beta with GNOME 2.16, Firefox 2.0, OpenOffice 2.0.4 RC2 and Gaim 2.0 3.1beta

Ubuntu which is now being part of most of the Laptops, Notebooks and the familiar Linux flavor released a new beta version. This version Ubuntu 6.10 Beta will make it much more popular and is called Edgy Eft. Once done with the Beta test and found to be successful in making new features available with…