Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Radio

DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting is quickly becoming the standard for radio listeners. Digital radios offer a much wider range of features than their analogue predecessors, making them more appealing for those listening to the airwaves. One of the major benefits of DAB radio is that listeners can enjoy a massive variety of stations instead of being limited to a handful over the standard FM and AM channels. Due to the nature of digital broadcasting, the signal quality is usually much better than analogue, meaning music can be enjoyed the way it was intended to be. Here are some important factors to consider for anyone looking to buy a digital radio.


To get the most out of DAB radio, it is important that buyers do their homework and find out what features each radio has in order to best suit their individual needs. Unlike old fashioned radios with their tuning dials and frequency indicators, most digital radios have excellent LCD displays that allow the user to clearly see and select channels. Another useful feature buyers may want to consider is the ability to pause, rewind and record live radio. The same way digital TV viewers can save their favourite shows for later, listeners don’t have to miss their favourite radio shows, simply pause or record the channel and enjoy later on.

Electronic Programme Guides

Another aspect in which digital radios are similar to digital televisions is that most now have electronic programme guides or EPG. An EPG allows the user to see in advance which radio shows are coming up along with comprehensive schedules. Instead of users listening intently to hear what time their favourite DJ or show is on air, an EPG means the best shows are never missed.

MP3 Docking

Anyone who wants to play their own music through their new digital radio should consider getting one with a built in MP3 player dock. Some specialised DAB radios double up as iPod docking stations, meaning the radio can become the central hub for the user’s music. For those with other MP3 players, some digital radios come with a line-in jack, allowing users to plug their MP3 players into the radio through the headphone socket. Buyers should be sure to check which radios are compatible with their MP3 devices before purchasing.

Sound Quality

For any audiophiles out there, having great sound quality is a must. There are DAB radios covering just about every price range, so buyers can decide on the level of sound quality they require. Anyone who wants to connect their radio to their home sound system should ensure they buy one with the correct audio output features to maximise sound quality and performance. For the casual listener who doesn’t need an expensive system, digital radios with standard stereo playback are ideal.

Although most of the UK can receive DAB signals, anyone considering buying a digital radio should first check that their area has digital radio coverage. Through a quick online search, buyers can usually find out whether or not they are covered. Anyone who is unsure if they can receive DAB radio should ensure they purchase from a store that has a good returns policy (such as Go Electrical), or they may end up stuck with an unusable radio.


DAB has somewhat revolutionised the way people can enjoy radio. From easily recording stations to having impeccable sound quality, there is a digital radio perfect for everyone. By making sure to consider these important factors when purchasing a DAB radio, listeners can thoroughly enjoy this great technology.

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