Spreadsheet – Create Spreadsheets On Your iPhone and iPod Touch

In the flow is now this new application “Spreadsheet” to create Spreadsheets on your Apple iPhone. Ever since Apple has opened the App store for its users there are many applications developed for it. This applications joins the bunch of such applications making the fact true that iPhone is going to be a powerhouse of mobile computing. In case Apple ignored or could not introduce an application for it then a open source or third party developers are coming up with a solution for it. Most of the applications for iPhone were games instead of full featured applications from the store. This was disappointing for the users who expected to gain more utilities and work done on iPhone.

Spreadsheets that can be modifiable is one such application from the App store that really serves the needs of the users who were expecting some processing capabilities on iPhone. However the iphone allowed the users to view the excel and numbers based files ever since it has been launched. Priced at $7.99 this is a excel like application meant for iPhone and enables you to work on spreadsheets and of course a path breaking application. The significant features include cells of multiple types, inclusion of numeric, date, character and other type of data, advanced cell formatting options with support for different font weights like bold, italic and so on.

A wide range of mathematical, trigonometric and statistical functions can be used and you can even export spreadsheet files to other similar applications and send them using mail. The only capability lacking in this application is the import feature which if existed would have been a complete solution and is something you can always expect in its coming up versions. Spreadsheet application is one such thing in a row of applications flooded out for iPhone.

Features of Spreadsheet

  • Basic features
    • Scrollable, zoomable grid
    • Range selection
    • Copy/paste cells in a range
    • Clear cells in a range
    • Delete rows and columns
    • Insert rows and columns
    • Auto-range selection for certain functions
  • Formatting features
    • Bold and italic text formatting
    • Text and background color choice
    • Cell sizing
    • Cell text alignment
  • Cell type features
    • Choice of cell types including General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time and Text
    • Choice of currency symbol
    • Prefix or suffix currency symbol
    • Choice over the number of decimal places shown
    • 1000 separator option
  • Functions
    • Date/time functions
    • General functions
    • Math functions
    • Statistical functions
    • String functions
    • Trigonometric functions

You can Buy Spreadsheet from Apple Stores

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