QuickGold – Fast, Keyboard-based Launcher for pwned iPhones

QuickGold is a Free iPhone or iPod touch application. It intends to replace the “Quicksilver for the iPhone”, therefore the name is QuickGold. It is a keyboard-based app launcher which can be called on by pressing the home button when you are at the homescreen.

QuickGold - Fast, Keyboard-based Launcher for pwned iPhones

Once activated you can then start typing and view its dynamic results which rapidly match what you are hunting for. Any app on your home screen (including web clips) can be matched by QuickGold, contacts and phone numbers can be searched for, web pages in your Safari history can be launched, and even includes built-in keyword search.

This application is only accessible for jailbroken iPhones through Cydia. QuickGold’s one of the biggest frustrations for App Store development is demonstrated—i.e. that this app will never enter the app store under Apple’s current restrictions.

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