Protect your iPhone 3G with Sena Dockable Case and MagnetFlipper Case

The launch of two new special designs for the iPhone 3G was announced by Sena Cases. Leather artisans in Europe have handcrafted the cases, and they are developed from the finest quality, full-grain, soft Italian Napa leather. So if you love your Apple iPhone then you must use these these cases to protect it.

I read about 2 types of cases:

A) The Sena Dockable Case: This is a premium leather flip-top case which is designed to work with the docking station offering full functionality of the iPhone. It is desgined in such a way so as to protect every curve of the iPhone and is surrounded by a soft velvet lining. To hold the iPhone securely and to be it protected, the case has a snap closure. The pioneer and expert designer of dockable cases is Sena. It is priced at $52.00.

B) The Sena MagnetFlipper Case: The MagnetFlipper is the most practical flip-style case by which the user can quickly answer the iPhone and also access all of its functions. The cover can be flipped out of the way with a flick of the thumb as it is engineered with a hinged bottom and magnetic fastening system at the top. It is priced at $52.00.

The Sena Removable Ratchet Belt Clip System offers both the styles. This allows the use of the case with or without the removable belt clip. The following cases are offered by Sena Cases:- The Dockable, MagnetFlipper, Elega Pouch, WalletSkin, WalletBook, UltraSlim Pouch and LeatherSkin Case. All the cases are available in a variety of classic leather colors.

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