ITV Planning to Bring “Friends Reunited” to Apple iPhone

Good news for Apple iPhone users, next year you will see two new; rather say great applications. The two applications are the popular “Friends Reunited” and a “Spin-Off Dating Service” site, which will be launched by ITV on the Apple iPhone.

According to Melissa Goodwin, controller of mobile for ITV “Research has stated that 67 percent of iPhone users are men. It was further added by her that the services that include sports and things like the latest football scores would be focused by the application”. The application will focus on Videos, Music, Wallpapers, Clips and Simulcasts.

ITV’s Goodwin further added that “It’s about choice and convenience for the consumer,” and that all sorts of touch points for the iPhone such as simulcasts, wallpapers and video are been tried out. To try all different formats and learn what works best for the content and brand is the strategy of the broadcaster.

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