Google Earth for the Apple iPhone With Impressive Features

As iPhone has become very famous, Google had released its Google Earth for the iPhone. With the help of Google Earth geographical software you can fly around the world in 3D. With this application you can easily find your favorite spots, restaurants, movies etc. You can download the Google Earth for your iPhone from the Apple’s App Store and it is FREE.

Google Earth for the Apple iPhone With Impressive Features

The application will definitely give you a great experience. The Interface is really very good and the performance is also impressive. The Apple iPhones touch screen will help you to use the application more comfortably. The “Autotilt” feature is very good. Google Earth for the iPhone includes Wikipedia and Panoramic layers. So you can see “W” Icons which indicates a link to the geotagged Wikipedia article. The Google Earth iPhone can also be used to search for your favorite places. The Google Earth for iPhone also supports offline mode. Totally this would be really a very helpful application from Google for the iPhone users.

Download Google Earth for the iPhone

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