Order Chocolates From Your iPhone/iPod With Godiva Mobile App

Order Chocolates From Your iPhone/iPod With Godiva Mobile App

For those who are in quest of an app that facilitates shopping on Godiva’s web shop and even has an intelligent capability to interact with your contacts list here is Godiva Mobile App from Godiva which ensures that you can do all these things on your iPhone. It appears as if every one now wants to own an iPhone and with the advent of these kind of innovative applications is totally true.


Godiva Mobile will simply accelerate the thought of having a chocolate by introducing such a decent application exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch. The application which attracted the attention of many users around the world was actually a brilliant development from Godiva and Digby who are the renown companies in their sector. You can install the Godiva Mobile storefront in your iPhone with which you can surf through the web shop of Godiva and start buying your favorite chocolates.

The feature of a highly safe and secure mobile wallet and contact list integration will make things now much more easier. So if you are an hard core addict of chocolates then I would suggest you to go for it. In addition its almost perfect for you to have it as you can order them online right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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