Copy and Read Documents on iPhone and iPod With FileMagnet

Now you can easily copy files from your MAC to Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with FileMagnet. All you have to do is just open the FileMagnet uploader on your computer and transfer your favorite PDF’s, Images, Movies, Music Tracks, Office Docs etc. FileMagnet transfers the files via Wi-Fi. So with FileMagnet you can copy all your documents and read them on the go.

Copy and Read Documents on iPhone and iPod With FileMagnet

FileMagnet can read most of the file formats like PDF, Microsoft Office Docs, iWork, images, movies, and audio files. The latest version of FileMagnet supports both Windows and MAC. You can also use FileMagnet as a storage device. The best thing I liked is that FileMagnet supports Tilt Scrolling. So instead of scrolling longer documents with your finger you can tilt your device and the document is scrolled.

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  1. Is there an option for Windows users?

    I am really looking for something I can use to transfer files from my computer to iPhone and then read on the go. I would use AirSharing, but it is not always reliable – and sometimes there is no Wifi.

    Another q: I normally use WinSCP to copy files from computer to iPhone. Is there a program that can read those files? Or what folder does AirSharing use so I can just paste my files there?

  2. its really help full and i would like to thank really

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