Facebook 2.0 Application for Apple iPhone With New Improvements and Features

Right after the release of Facebook 1.1 version for iPhone they were sure that the next version is going to be much better one in all aspects. This version of Facebook 2.0 was in the making during the month of September. They had probably fulfilled their promise and kept it very close to the expectations of its users. Recently, the new version of Facebook was out now and it had a very intuitive, simple and tidy interface. It does have that nativity at the same time some pretty good functionality too.

For instance the older version of the Facebook had NewsFeed feature supported in which any kind of photo uploads and updates in the status alone were displayed. In case of the new version this newsfeed feature had been through refinements and now it displays all kinds of updates in the profiles, photo uploads and new posts. You can set the feed limited to your interests and needs. You can even make comments on the news so it is highly customizable when it comes to user preferences unlike the annoying previous version.

This major release hit the App store and is already the talk of the town for the iPhone users. I bet it is worth than the time you spend for the upgrade and you can get it from the iTunes link. Though it has few limitations when it comes to support of facebook based applications by the browser it much better to have it, since this iPhone application is far better than having the annoying applications when we browse through the site.

New Features

  • Improved News Feed
  • Notifications
  • Profile Redesign
  • Search for and Approve New Friends
  • Bigger Inbox

Get Facebook 2.0 for iPhone here (iTunes link)

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