DataCase – Turn your iPhone into a Hand Held Wireless Drive for Mac OSX & Windows

An iPhone app, DataCase which is developed by Veiosoft will help you to convert your Apple iPhone into a hand held Wireless Storage Drive. With the help of this app your iPhone can be turned into a wireless storage drive which can be accessed by any other device on your wireless network. You can just dr0p and drop your files. It also includes a viewer for the most popular Document file formats such as Office, PDF etc. Apart from documents you can also view your Audio, Video and photos.

The best feature about the iPhone app is that you fail to require the installation of any application on the Mac and it can be used with a Windows PC as well as a Linux machine. It is much simpler to use the program from the Mac as the app makes use of Finder and Bonjour technology. All that you need to do is connect the iPhone to the wireless network and launch DataCase. Your iPhone will appear in the list of shared computers in the finder toolbar (In case of Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4, you will need to browse the list of network servers to find the iPhone). Once you are connected you can use your iPhone as a normal drive.

If you are a Windows user, then you will require to open Windows Explorer and then type the URL in the address bar to access your iPhone. The URL can be seen at the bottom of DataCase’s home screen after launching it (it starts with “ftp://”). Then you can browse the drives which will ease you to upload and download the files.

On been connected to the iPhone from your computer, browsing, transferring of files to and from the iPhone is very quick. The user interface is quite simple, tapping on the folder icon on its home screen displays the available volumes on the iPhone and tapping a specific volume displays its contents. 16 volumes with individual permission settings can be created. Access to two default volumes on the iPhone are provided — Drop Box and Shared Files. Drop Box, which is a write-only volume, so that others can only drop files for you to view. Shared files as the name suggests is a read-write volume, so that it can be used to receive or distribute files. The application also supports many languages like English, French, Chinese and others. You can name your files and folders in UTF-8 compatible text.

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