Cactus Voice Dialer – Voice Dialing Application for Apple iPhone

Recently I was exploring the Apple iPhone and found that I cannot call my friends with Voice Dialing. It is really sad that a Smartphone like iPhone doesn’t have this feature. Though many people don’t use this feature, I love to use the Voice Dialing feature now and then on my Mobile. This feature is prevalent in every other phone of similar kind infact even in normal low end mobiles. They had one or the other way a voice command feature in them. Though you find very few familiar, and using this feature but this really sounds nice when you want to call your friends by saying their name. So here comes an application which is quite similar and meets the requirement of voice based dialing and of course it is meant for iPhone. The new Cactus voice dialer is available for free in the Apps Store and you can get from the link of iTunes.

What it does? It takes your voice commands and with the help of its intelligent and intuitive capability it captures the number appropriate contact person you wanted to call and all this happens with no need of any setup initially. Unlike all other voice based calling applications which trains the algorithm making it more accurate and intelligible this one does not do this and still works much better. It is developed at the Carnegie Melon University and uses PocketSphinx. All you have to do is hold the last key and give the command, rest will be taken care by Cactus and it makes a call for you from the contacts. The settings provide a range of options. One such thing is to make a call the moment it identifies the contact. The other one is it can retrieve a list of related ones for the given query from which you can select and make a call. It works similar to any other speech recognition approach which has accuracy as its main requirement. When I tested with many commands inputs of names I found it to be highly accurate.

It is sized 4.9 MB while you find many other iPhone Apps to be nearly to 1 MB so when it comes to size Cactus is little bigger. You can be tricky while using it; you can alter the voice commands you give a bit and check how it works. You have a call option besides each of the name populated from your query. One might feel that do you really need such an application with a mobile like iPhone in which you can use the shortcuts to contacts. But you always expect things to be easier than they are if they can be so.

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