Apple iPhone Troubleshooting Tip – “Could not activate cellular data network”

Last week when I updated my Apple iPhone 3G with the new firmware updated version 2.0.2 released recently. As usual the iPhone worked perfectly normal after this upgrade, but surprisingly today morning when I tried to check my mails on the phone it started giving following error “Could not activate cellular data network” which I expected to be related to service provider and blamed them but later something else actually happened. I tried restarting the iPhone for several times but it didn’t work at all for a long time after a series of attempts.

I really got fed up and I tried calling AirTel customer care, but they suggested me to call Apple Care India(1800-425-0744) which is toll free and I expected some good support from them. When I called Apple Care people for help, they guided me to the following URL to have a look at support information on iPhone: So again with a hope to fix it I tried opening the web page but the above link disappointed me by giving “Page Not Found” error( Apple are you Listening? sorry Reading?).

None of the above information or support helped me to resolve this issue, then I came back to home and started searching for this problem on Google(Yes I believe in Google) expecting some useful information. Fortunately I found some useful information which gave me some relief after all the attempts.

I had resolved this issue very easily by following these steps(twice):

Go to: Menu > Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Once you Reset the network settings, iPhone3G got restarted and then above issue got resolved related to cellular network and now it was working fine. Thank God(Should I say Thank you Google?).

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  1. thank you so much man…it worked for my apple iphone 4g over airtel network..thank you so much..even airtel could not resolve this issue for me.. my gprs is working perfectly now 🙂 😀

  2. I have the Iphone 4 and it worked fine.


  3. Thank you – sorted this annoying problem – and as you say – thank GODOOGLE

  4. Thank you very much.
    It really woks.
    I’ve been trying for ever to fix it.

  5. Thanks!! This works for Iphone 4 too!!

  6. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much! I have spent hours too trying to sort this out with Virgin and I am now alive and well again!
    You are a genius!

  7. Absolutely brilliant thank you!!
    Worked just as I’d hoped!
    Been having this problem for a few days after updating software on a replacement phone.
    Thank you so much!

  8. Thanks a lot, website was of a great help :D… thanks a lot, though i tried this and it did not work the links provided were of great help… I just restarted my phone and it worked … :D.. thanks a lot everyone.

  9. i’ve just bought an iphone 3gs earlier of the’s weird. before this i can surfed internet using safari..then, i dont y, suddenly my iphone could not open the page because the server stopped responding! i already reset the network setting, but it’s still didnt work. can somebosy help me plz..

  10. thank you.. thank you.. thank you so much… it worked for me at first attemp.. your an angel fell from heaven to help me… i love you… xoxoxoxoxoxoxox LOL

  11. Thanks a bunch for this tip, worked a treated with my phone 🙂 All up and running again

  12. Excellent, worked for my iphone 4…

  13. oh my goodnesss!!!! thank you so much i was wondering why my internet couldnt work!


  15. Great tech advice. It solved the problem on my iPhone 4.

  16. worked on my iphone4 as well, seems obvious but to a brand new user was very nice to have this info available so thank you very much!

  17. safrai will not load and says \ could not activate cellular data network\

  18. For T-mobile users do the follwoing:
    Settings- General- Network and then put the following info:

    Username: user
    Password: pass

    Worked for me! 🙂

  19. Hey!!! I;ve tried doing ” reset network settings” but still its showing the same message.

  20. Thank you so much for this information. I was worried for a minute because I accidentally dropped my phone prior to getting that message. So relieved now.

  21. Hi.
    I currently have the iPhone 4, having the same problem! Tried resetting the network settings and it still isn’t letting me text people.
    There is no 3G sign in the corner, wondering if anybody could give me any suggections!?

  22. YES THANK YOU! 😛
    I ignored it for weeks but I got annoyed and wanted to settle things out.

  23. hi,

    I have iphone 4G with latest iOS4.3 just upgraded 3 days before but i have same problem while opening messages i am getting the same error “could not activate cellular data network”

    Please someone help me to resolved this…





  25. I had did same way put mine is giving same information Data cellular networking not working choose another. Anybody give some idea please?

  26. Thanks..useful information for beginner iphone owner like me…

  27. are you like some kind of iphone god?


  29. Thank You Thank You!!!! It worked Great! Appreciate the info..It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t text…

  30. hi….. same problem of my iphone 3g.cant access coz could not acess cellular data network….ive tried reseting the network but still not working…any help pls….ive already tried in many times as what in the post above….

  31. thank u so much for this information…

  32. WOW!! I’m glad i found this.. it really fixed my phone. thanks 😀

  33. Thank you. This works for iPhone4 as well. I was about to blame my phone compagny as well, but you gotta Google first I guess 😉

  34. Brill – first time correction, did not even have to reboot ……it just worked. Thankyou for the advice.

  35. Thanks so much! I’ve been dealing with this for over a week now and even had problems with voicemail. It works fine, now. Thank you!!

  36. Legend!! Not being able to get online has been doing my head in all day. Thanks!!

  37. is there a way to fix the “could not activate cellular network for i pad 1 3g

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