Moderator – Adobe AIR Application to Moderate WordPress Comments

Now with the help of Moderator you can easily manage your WordPress Comments from your Desktop. Moderator is a simple desktop application built using Adobe AIR. So you need to install Adobe AIR if you haven’t done already. With Moderator you can easily view and moderate WordPress comments. This works superbly with sites supported by efficient WordPress hosting.

Moderator - Adobe AIR Application to Moderate WordPress Comments

You need to install the counter WordPress plugin also for this application to work. With Moderator you can view the unmoderated comments. You can Spam, Delete and Approve comments from the Moderator Desktop client. You will also get system tray notifications about the unmoderated comments. Moderator will also show the Gravatar icons for the comments.

As this is an early release there may not be much useful features apart from the basic ones. But I hope in the next coming months it will be added with much more features to make it really helpful for WordPress Administrators.

Download Moderator


  1. Thanks for the useful info… Is Adobe Air free? (At work, we are kicking off a huge project that also has Adobe technologies like Air, Flex, Livecycle involved. Good to see a practical use of ‘Air’ that I can understand.


  2. I am starting to like the look and feel of Adobe Air, especially after I started using apps like Twhirl for twitter. Though I downloaded the moderator plugin, I am yet to use it.

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