Reset Your Windows XP or Vista User/Admin Password With Trinity Rescue Kit

Few days ago I came across a friend who is having a big problem. He actually forgot the administrator password for his Windows Vista PC and he was unable to know what to do to proceed. I even searched along with him for some password recovery tools but we could not find a suitable solution for a long time. So I was looking for to solve this issue without re-installing the Windows OS.

Finally I found Trinity Rescue Kit which proved to be a very precious tool. It is a linux based tool and takes no time to run and work. This password reset tool is so cool that it makes you think about your PC security for yourself. “Trinity Rescue Kit” or TRK is a collection of programs that can start a computer in an alternate way if it failed to start normally. So you can also use it to reset the windows users passwords.

How to use Trinity Rescue Kit?

Simply download the Trinity rescue tool kit and burn ISO image to a DVD or CD. Now that you are done; boot the system with CD/DVD drive as the boot device so that It can read the TRK from it then select the first option to run the TRK kit and in a minute it will load. Now you get started by typing winpass -l which lists the users on the windows machine then type winpass –u admin to reset the “admin” password. Choose the partition you want to mount or analyze. Take help from Account Bits and User edit menu to clear the password. After making the necessary settings you will have the data backed up and now you restart your machine choose to have password field leave it blank.

Download Trinity Rescue Kit


  1. Bonjour à tous

    Merci c ‘est exactement le logiciel dont j’avais besoin.Votre site est super Toutefois j’ai des problemes de mise en oeuvre de TRK a savoir.le cd se lance sans probleme apres avoir fait les bonnes manip. je tape l option 1 comme indiqué il mouline. et je le laisse faire jusqu’a la fin.Pouvez vous me préciser à quel moment je tape
    winpass-l et ensuite winpass u admin ou avez vous un mode d’emploi francais ou anglais. de plus je ne suis pas gate car cet ordi a été parametré avec un clavier qwerty donc bonjour pour la barre – que je ne retrouve pas
    merci de votre aide par mail sur ma boite
    didier lenoir

  2. I’m a system admin for a major corporation and I would like to say this. The creators of this program are absolute genius! I never thought recovering passwords to terminals would be so simple to accomplish. Before I discovered this gem, I had to resort to reinstalling several windows operating systems as we do not use “Dummy Terminals” or a Domain. This program has saved me hours of pointless labor and I would like to say thank you and please make use of the donation I sent for your excellent services.

  3. Thank you so much! I have been following different turtorials all over the web, but this helped me very much along the way! I lost my password like two years ago, and have been kicking myself in the head all these time! BUT now i can finally see my pictures without restarting everything! THANK UUU! From a VERY happy 19 year old untechnical girl 😉

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