AccessChk – Check User and Group Permissions in Windows

If you are System Admin and if you want to know the user permissions for files , directories and other stuff then you can use the AccessChk Freeware from Windows. So if you are interesting in knowing the access rights of specific users or groups for various resources like Directories, Files, Global Objects, Registry keys you can use AccessChk. AccessChk can give you a detailed output for all your queries.

AccessChk is a console program. But I have to tell you that it is quite useful. Suppose you need to know the permissions for a folder called “Security” over your server then you can use AccessChk to do that. AccessChk works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Win2000 and Server 2003 including 64 bit versions of Windows. The good thing is that the application is very small in size with 49 KB.

Download AccessChk

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