Simplify Media – Listen To Your Home Library Over The Internet

If you are planning to listen to your music from anywhere then you should consider installing Simplify Media. With the help of Simplify Media you can easily access your music library from anywhere. You can listen to your favorite music tracks across the Internet. You can access your home iTunes library with iTunes or Winamp. You can also create groups with your friends and can access their libraries. Simplify Media just allows you to listen to music remotely and you cannot sync an MP3 player or copy others’ music tracks. The connection between the computers is encrypted to provide maximum security. You can only access an account that is logged on to iTunes.

Now you can access all of your Simplify Media music from your iPhone and iPod Touch. All you have to do is Install Simplify Media on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch; Sign in with your Simplify Media user name, password and enjoy the music.

Download Simplify Media

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