Save Dynamically Generated PHP and ASP WebPage with iterasi

Iterasi is a service which is intelligent and versatile in bookmarking the pages and also captures the webpage completely. Every single part of the web page is retained with it whatever it may be whether its images, color text and links. This will prove to be quite productive mainly if you want the articles or content you read to be original as they were and mainly if you want to have a record your flight ticket, book receipt, signing up confirmation and so on. So next time never feel that you will lose one the connection is lost so have everything you see in you desktop using this software which a complete personal manger of content. You cannot consider it to be one like delicious or Digg but in one or the other way does influence its usage. All users who are regular with usage of these services will also start to be part of it. How exactly it works is it simply captures the web page into your iterasi account provided by them once you start using the service and this kind of approach was called notarizing by them.

You will require add-ons for IE and Firefox which are of course provided by iterasi one you sign up with them for the service. Firefox users will need to add manually button by a right click on the main toolbar then select to customize from the menu provided to you. Once through with then it is a matter of locating the buttons and drags them towards the toolbar. Exactly Four buttons are given out of them one is needed to work with it. The Iterasi button will provide a menu that has all options to surf through, notarize, view the pages.. All other buttons are mainly meant for the notarize operation. One of its kind feature is import the bookmark related files or setting from Delicious into the Iterasi. It enables you to share the snapshots with your friends and other in 3 possible ways. You can either send an email or embed the content into blogs; websites etc or you can also use the URL which is created and useful for services like Twitter.

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