Adding Multimedia Content inside Orkut Scrapbook – Add Videos, Images & Rich Content

It was really very long time that I had opened my Orkut scrapbook. When Orkut was started I used to keep it open for all the time. Later I felt sick with it so I decided not to open it anymore. But yesterday I opened it and found some Images and Videos in my scraps. I was really surprised to see that. So I was just checking how it can be done. I found some information about it and thought of sharing with you.

Now you will be able to send rich-content scraps, insert images, audio, video and embeddable objects into the scrap, which is made possible by Google. I even tried sending some images to my friends and it worked.

Rich content scraps can be sent by the following methods:

• To add images: Copy Paste the URL’s ending in .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp, the images will appear in the scrap. example,

• Adding videos from YouTube, Metacafe and Google Video: By copying and pasting the URL, the video will appear in the scrap. example,

• Adding a podcast/audio: Just copy and paste the URL of an audio file, an audio player with the selected audio will appear in the scrap. example,

• How Can I add html-embeddable objects?: You can create or upload your content at sites such as,, or, then copy and paste the html embed code to share it with your friends.

Isn’t that really easy. So you can easily impress your friends with Rich content. Google will ask you to fill the word verification, when you’ve got an embedded object, link or image in your scrap, to prevent misuse of this feature. So you can happily watch Videos or see the images without leaving the scrap page. The BIG thing I noticed is that Rich content scraps can only be sent to friends, to whom you are connected and not to someone whom you are not connected. Google is really doing a great job in doing many things for the users.

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