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Useful Tips For Windows Vista: Explorer.exe, Mapping Drives, Games Explorer

Written By Samrat| 24 June 2009| 5 Comments

I have heard many comments and compliments about Windows Vista. Many times people get stuck with some simple problems in it. Here are few helpful tips for those who love to use Vista but get stuck to simple errors.

Windows Vista Explorer.exe  Not Starting On Boot

If a problem exist like the Windows Vista explorer.exe does not start of its own on every boot then do follow the given tip:

  • Make sure that it starts in safe mode and if it does then it is sure that something is interfering with the normal start.
  • Do a proper scan for malware in the safe mode and remove any infections. Then reboot it.
  • Check out whether the System Restore helps you or not.
  • Next, open regedit and then navigate to: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. Make sure in the RHS Pane that the default string value of: “Shell”=“Explorer.exe”. Exit from it.
  • Start >Search Menu Bar > sfc /scannow > right click on the result > Run as Administrator.


How to map on FTP drive/ folder in Windows Vista

Creating or mapping a drive directly to the FTP site from within the Vista is possible. Any third party software is not required. As in XP, it is possible here also.

  • Open Explorer > Computer > Click Map Network Drive
  • After this click on Add Network Location wizard.
  • Then select Choose A Custom Network location – Specify the address of your website, the network location or the FTP site.
  • Uncheck log on anonymously and give username and password. It will connect you to your website.

This feature is useful for those who store files online or for those people who run a website like me.

If the games explorer link does not works in Vista

What we do in Vista is to normally click on the Games Explorer link in the Start Menu in Vista. Make sure that it appears there in the first place. If not then do the below mentioned exercise:

Click Start > Right Click > Properties > Start Menu tab > Customize > Select Games > Display as a link or Display as a menu > OK > Apply > OK

The other way is to type Shell:Games in the start menu bar and then hit enter

If the Games Explorer folder does not open then try this:

  • Type cmd in the start menu of the Vista. When it appears, right click on it and then select the Run as Administrator.
  • Next, in the elevated command prompt, just type

regsvr32.exe gameux.dll

  • Now hit the enter button. This command will help to re-register the ganeux dll file.

As of now let me end up with further tips. Do keep on commenting and we will be back soon in this section to help you all with some more new and helpful tips of Windows Vista.


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