Use Your Windows Mobile Phone As A Bluetooth Modem

Do you know that you can easily connect your Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones and Windows Mobile Smartphones to a Windows PC through the help of Bluetooth. These phones will in fact work as a wireless dial-up modem.

Features Required

  • Windows Mobile device that supports Bluetooth
  • Dial-Up Networking
  • Bluetooth DUN
  • Windows PC Bluetooth-enabled

Recognize the Connection

Every Windows Mobile device functions as a wireless modem if the carrier has not disabled the service. After connecting it to PC, the device connects to wireless service provider’s data network and then provides the internet connection. So, check with your wireless service provider for wireless data plan.

Step 1: Set up a partnership by Bluetooth pairing

Pair the mobile device with your Windows PC or laptop. Power on the Bluetooth of the device and then open the Bluetooth software utility of the PC. After the name of the device appears there then select and click Next. Pair both and enter PIN if required. After the Services menu appears then select on Dial-Up Networking and then click the Finish button.

Step 2: Configuring the Bluetooth Modem

The Bluetooth modem connection is now added to Connect To subscription of Start Menu. Next, click on the new connection. Enter the Username and Password there. Before that click the Properties button. Properties menu is where you configure the connection. That is interfaced to wireless service provider or the ISP. There you have to click the Configure button.

  • Raise the speed to minimum 460000bps. Even enable here the Hardware Flow Control and the Modem Error Control. Next, click OK.
  • After this go back to the Properties menu and enter the dial-up ISP phone number. Then click OK. Note that for wireless carrier’s data network there is a dialing string rather than phone number. For AT&T/Cingular it is *99#.
  • Back in the Connect screen enter Username and Password for your ISP. It is given by the carrier.
  • Next, click Dial to connect.

Step 3: How to use the connection everytime

Just click Start, Connect To and then the device title. It is perhaps Bluetooth Modem. Now it is connected. For disconnecting just right-click on the device and then select Disconnect.

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