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Surfing the web looking for a good scrabble solver online? Go through this article to know about the best online scrabble solvers and softwares that will help you crack your Scrabble board games very easily.

Scrabble Solving

Solving scrabble games needs a lot of patience and knowledge. It is a hobby for millions of people across the world. But now and then you get stuck with a word and lose hours finding it out. For beginners, this often proves very tiresome. Without any solution provided, it becomes very difficult to solve the game. There are instances when solving a single word can help you solve the game. It is then that you desperately look for a solution or a scrabble cheat. You skim through dictionaries and turn over pages of the Thesaurus without much success.

scrabble solver

It is for this reason that Scrabble Solvers have come up. The internet has made things much easier. Scan the web and you will come across thousands of Scrabble Words Solvers. These Scrabble Puzzle Solvers help you solve the game and improve your word power so that you develop the power to crack the games without any help.

Scrabble Solver Online

Now and then, everybody needs help with scrabble solving. If you have got stuck with your game, you can turn to these helpful Scrabble Word Solvers and play scrabble games with more ease.

Scrabble Solver

This powerful online word Scrabble Solver lets you find solutions for scrabbles as well as games like Lexulous and Words with Friends. You have to enter the letters in your tiles to a small, rectangular field. Then you have to hit the ‘Find Words’ button beneath the field. A list of words, based on the rearrangement of the letters you provided, is displayed. The longest words are displayed first, followed by shorter ones. There are three dictionary styles you can choose from, US/Canada, European English and French.

You can also adjust the field in crossword mode or anagram mode. The Scrabble solver also acts as an anagram solver. It is a powerful option for freshers who are having problems in solving scrabbles and anagrams.

Website: Visit to use this Scrabble Anagram Solver.

Solver Scrabble

This scrabble cum anagram solver is targeted towards people who love playing scrabbles as well as Face book games like Scrabulous, Lexulous and Wordscraper. This is not a Scrabble Solver 8 letters tool but a 12 letter tool. That means, you get solutions from 12 letter combinations. All you have to do is enter up to 12 letters into a blank space and left-click on the ‘Get Words’ button. A highlight is the permission to use up to three wild card characters in place of letters. The solutions will be instantly displayed based on the official Scrabble tournament dictionary. The word list displays the larger words at the top followed by smaller ones at the bottom.

Website: Go to to access this amazing program.

Chumpoo, the Scrabble Solver

This simple program lets you insert a jumbled word into its rectangular field. You have to hit the ‘Unscramble’ button alongside the box to get the solutions instantly. You can sort the results by word length and scrabble score. You can also get solutions for other puzzle games like Text Twist and Jumble. Do not get put off by the ‘Donate’ button placed beneath, for donation is optional. The program is free and very easy to use.

Website: Visit to use this cool, fast online program.

Mondofacto Scrabble Solver

This online program provides you with a long rectangular field where you can enter your jumbled letters. The solutions include 7 letter combinations and lesser. Words higher than 7 letter combinations are not displayed. The bigger words are displayed first followed by the smaller ones. The score you would receive for each word is displayed alongside them in brackets.

All the word results are based on the SOWPODS dictionary, which is used in Scrabble tournaments in many countries.

Website: You can get this program at

Cosmicrealms Scrabble Solver

This smart, simple tool lets you into a medium rectangular box and hit the ‘Solve’ button. The results of your letter combinations are displayed within a second in a list. The bigger words are followed by smaller ones and you have to scroll down to read the shorter ones. A very easy program, it supports only English words and needs little effort on your part. The field supports an unlimited number of letters.

Website: Check out to use this cute little program.

Scrabble Word Solver

This is another useful program that can help you tackle your scrabble worries. The design may be a little difficult to understand at first. But you will soon warm up to it. The large rectangular field supports a maximum of 9 letters. You can enter your letters into it and click on the ‘Submit’ button to look for solutions. The results are displayed almost instantly. You can check the 0, 1 and 2 buttons to insert a similar number of blank spaces. For instance, if you enter the word VOLE and check the 1 button, the results will include the word ‘Clove’ which must have been a solution if you had _, V, O, L, E in your rack.

Website: Go to to use this pretty little tool.

Scrabble Solver Download

Other than free scrabble solvers online, there is also a software that you can find very useful. If you suffer from low internet speed, this software can be highly assistive for you to crack scrabble games offline.

Word Unscrambler Tool – 1.0

This easy to download and quick-to-install software is a great solution for those who often find it difficult to solve scrabbles. The application not only lets you solve scrabble games but also crack crosswords, anagrams and similar word puzzle games. Anagram lovers can also submit their difficult anagrams to the website through this tool. The application can be downloaded for free. Your computer operating system needs to be Windows 98 version or higher.

Website: You can get this software from absolutely for free.

Do not forget to check out the Scrabble Solver For Google Chrome.

You can use any of these scrabble solvers to get help with your scrabble games. Do not forget to send us your feedbacks and inform whether or not you liked these applications.

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