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Combine Gmail And Hotmail Into One

Written By Samrat| 8 June 2009| 4 Comments

Read/Send/Receive Emails from Your Hotmail Account In Your Gmail Account

Here is a good tip to access your Windows Live Hotmail from your Gmail account and you can also make it as one universal inbox. Not only you can view read the mails of Hotmail from your Gmail but you can also send mails through Gmail and the recipient will receive it in the way as if you have send it from the Hotmail platform. Moreover, it is free and very easy to do.

gmail hotmail combined

Follow the given steps to set up the Hotmail for sending and receiving mail in Gmail:

  • Go to Settings in Gmail and then to Accounts.
  • Under Get mail from other accounts, click Add another mail account.
  • Put your Hotmail address in the required field and then click Next Step.
  • Under the Username and Password, give your Hotmail email address and Hotmail password.
  • Next, under POP enter and enter 995 under Port.
  • Check this: Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server, unless you want all the Hotmail email only in Gmail.
  • Apply a label so that you can identify the messages coming from Hotmail easily.
  • Next, click Add Account.
  • Don’t forget to select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as…
  • Keep clicking Next Step until you get Send Verification. Click on it.
  • Come back to the Inbox of Gmail and open the Gmail Confirmation – Send Mail as…
  • Copy and paste the Confirmation Code into Enter and verify the confirmation code form.
  • Now click Verify.

Thats it you are now done. I am sure this would solve the problem of going to various inboxes to read your emails when using hotmail and gmail.


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