Batch Image Resizer – Easily Compress Pictures For Uploading

Easily Resize Images To Upload and Save Time

If you like clicking loads of pictures on your digital camera to share it with lots of people, probably you are complaining about the time it takes to upload these pictures. You must know how to resize the picture before you send them through e-mail or upload them on a photo sharing service, so that it saves time and bandwidth at both the ends, especially if you send a lot of pics at once.

Fotosizer : Batch Resize Images

Here is a beautiful tool called Fotosizer that allows you to resize a single picture or an entire collection in a few easy clicks. With Fotosizer, you can shrink JPEG image files, along with other supported formats, and dramatically reduce transfer times, enabling you to quickly and easily prepare your image collections to be published on the web.

Once you have the application downloaded and installed, follow these easy steps. If you don’t have it yet, get a Free Download from

1) Launch the application from the Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu.

2) Add photos easily from folders by clicking on the Add Folder Button. A folder browsing window will appear where you can choose the folder with the photos you want to compress.

Fotosizer - Add Folder

3) Fotosizer will fetch photos only from the top level of the folder you choose. Check on the Include Sub-folders option if you want to add photos from all of the sub folders as well.

4) After adding the images, optimize under Resize Settings. You can choose custom width and height in pixels or, resize based on a percentage of the photo’s original width and height. Check Maintain aspect ratio before resizing to ensure that it keeps proper balance of height and width.

Foto Resizer

5) You can choose where you want the resized photos to be saved and how to name them using the Destination Settings.

6) Once you set everything, click on Start to start resizing.


7) You can find the images resized in the destination folder. It is finished.

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