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Everyday is exactly the same with the search engine you use mainly incase of Google since the last decade. After the search facility from Yahoo which basically worked in the past using Ontology then came Google after 10 years and landed as topmost of all the search engines. In spite of the web being too big there co-exists connections with relatively much slower. Search based on keywords using Google was more productive than one from Yahoo. This time with a much better outlook and layout you can experience your search to be using SearchMe. All you need to do is type what ever you wanted to search as a query and all the related results are displayed as categories unlike Google. From them you can browse through much like a cover flow.

With a new feature called stacks now you have so much to do other than view video and photo files. For instance you are in search of Techcrunch50 and curious to know about Mahalo. In addition one can just drag and drop the videos and other results generated from your search into a bin found at the top which is little but helps you out to save for future reference, infact you can add them into your blog.

Obviously it would be difficult to start with its usage as you are addicted to Google and admire it in all means. Despite it is suggested to try this at least once or often in a while and will make a difference to your search keeping it more interesting but much more interactive and easier. Since it helps you to save the results there will be no need to surf through all over again from the start for some thing which you already found it in the past.

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