Samsung Nabee Wireless System – Transfer Images From Camera Wirelessly

Do you want to transfer images to your camera wirelessly? Then don’t worry Samsung is here to help you out with its Nabee wireless system.

Samsung has found a way by which wireless image transfer could be done from the camera. The Nabee system has a pair of dongles. One USB is plugged into your PC, and another is plugged into the camera’s USB port which can then imitate a standard USB cable for high-speed transfers up to 10m apart.

Alereon’s AL5000 wireless USB chipset is responsible for networking, which can use the six bands spanning the 3.1 to 10.6 GHz frequencies. The concept of Nabee is similar to the Eye-Fi WiFi SD card and is suitable for cameras which use memory cards other than SD. It further enables the users to pick bigger capacity than the 1GB Eye-Fi offers.

Details regarding the pricing is yet remain undeclared. It will be made available from December 2008.

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