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ReadyBoost, SuperFetch and User Account Control(UAC) in Windows Vista

Written By Samrat| 9 October 2008| One Comment

Puzzled with some of the Features, Keywords and Terminology of Vista? Then don’t worry this happened even to me but I am here to make some things clear to you so that you will understand them better. Here is some Information about Vista features that enables you to make most of the Vista.

ReadyBoost is one of the ways which helps you to add more memory to the computer i.e extending the capacity of RAM. This of course improves the performance of your PC. This is done with the use of a flash memory that is non volatile. All you need to do insert any USB flash drive then windows will make further checking whether it will be suitable for ReadyBoost option to boost your PC performance and rest will be taken care by it.

SuperFetch is yet another feature which you might had found Vague. It actually gives improved loading performance that is faster. This is an intelligent tool that learns about the most frequently used applications by you. This keeps such applications available in the memory so that you can use them quickly. Superfetch is an extension to Prefetch feature from windows in the past.

UAC, User account control is a new way from Microsoft that ensures more security and makes your system more safer than before. It might had annoyed you many times but this exists for a good reason. This avoids any other unauthorized software or an application to manipulate or modify the settings of your computer. It Sounds too protective but it is always better if you keep it enabled. If you keep trying and installing different kinds of softwares then for the time being disable this feature so that it stops annoying you further.

Apart from these there are many other useful outstanding features in Vista. If you come across any of those then do share them with us.

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  • featureme2 said:

    […] some functions within Windows Vista is a perfect example of his willingness to share what he knows. ReadyBoost, SuperFetch and User Account Control(UAC) in Windows Vista. Samrat’s honesty in admitting his own puzzlement over them in the past is […]

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