Encrypt Your Data With GNU Privacy Guard

To avoid yet another issue like Data Stealing you might need to employ Encryption mechanism. But they involve complex math and difficult to crack codes. Fortunately the encryption standards have been reaching new heights for the last few years making things more secure, reliable and free from worries. You cannot afford to shop online using HTTPS based encryptions or make personal conversations in chat. So when you have encryption done you will be a person least worried getting it cracked by a savvy or geek from your email account or so. In a case they might succeed to enter into it but they cannot understand a bit of your email content since you can have them encrypted with the key.

GNUPG, a privacy guard is one such key to end your worries. GnuPG is the GNU project’s free implementation of the OpenPGP standard. This free feature that follows pretty good privacy standard and FireGPG from Firefox will make things simpler and secure. The advantage about these keys is they are compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows too. So you can use public key to encrypt and use the private to decrypt for you, which makes only you to read your messages or content. GNUPG is downloadable and easy to install but probably for developers. If you are not into Technical much then you can read the manuals and understand it better. It is a command line based tool that takes your requests and does not include GnuPG to the directory path. Once done with installation you can generate public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt the content that is private to you.

You a strong Phrase key and do not use the words like your favorite song or actor as the key. Such things are easy to crack since most of the time people close to you might need to crack your details or want to harm you. Type gpg gen key at the command line or refer the help for more information, specify the default value for DSA and Elgamal. To add more security you can add the expiry date for the key used. Once done with key creation of the pair you have your computer under your control. So now you can use the keys when you include the files and programs which need to be secure. With FireGPG, test its working with demo message for your satisfaction. This one has more interactive usage and can be used to add security to your emails.

You can Visit the Download page <a href=”http://www.gnupg.org/download/index.en.html”>Here

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