Buy Legally Unlocked Apple iPhone 3G at HongKong Apple Store

The iPhone users must be aware that when they buy an iPhone, their iPhone 3G is tied up to a local Telecom provider by Apple. But if the iPhone 3G is purchased through the Hong Kong Online Apple Store, then you do officially and legally get an unlocked iphone which can be used by you with any operator.

The iPhone prices can be found out by visiting online the Hong Kong Apple Store. The 8GB (white) is available for $5400 ($692 USD) while the 16GB iPhone (black and white) is available for $6200 ($794 USD). It is further stated that it “can be activated with any provider“. But as it an officially unlocked version the prices are really high.

Currently the HongKong mobile users can select the operator of their choice and need not be tied up with any official partner Telecom carriers. There is no longer any requirement of visiting the gray market for purchasing the illegally jail broken unlocked iPhones.

Giving the mobile users the option to select the service provider of their own choice will definitely boost the sales of the iPhone. This is certainly a good step by Apple. But the prices makes many people to think about it!!


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