Airtel and Vodafone Data Plans for Apple iPhone 3G in India

Airtel and Vodafone have revealed the data plans pricing for subscribers, as Apple iPhone 3G has been launched for sale in India. The Airtel iPhone 3G data plans of Airtel have revealed that the phone can be exclusively used only with an Airtel connection. Customers can enjoy free 500 MB of data download / month for 12 months and the charges beyond this usage shall be Rs 0.30/50 Kb. The customer can opt for a plan of his choice from the different plans available on offer, after the expiry of 12 months. They have also warned that if the iphones is unlocked before the expiry of 12 months, all warranties and benefits are void.

The pricing plans of Vodafone start at Rs 799, with local call at Rs 0.60 per min and STD calls at Rs 1/min, SMS local for Rs 1, National for Rs 2 and International for Rs 5, with Rs 249 free minutes and iPhone data browsing charges of 5p/10kb with free data usage of 250MB per month. You can simply top up your existing plan with a data plan starting Rs 499, with iPhone data browsing charges of 5p/10kb with free data usage of 250MB per month by Vodafone. Rs 100 and get iPhone data browsing charges of 5p/10kb with no free data usage can be paid by Prepaid users.

These plans can be compared with iPhone pricing plans in US on AT&T. The iPhone is available in both models – 8GB – Black and 16GB – Black / White for estimated prices of Rs 31000 ($704) for 8GB iPhone and Rs 36100 ($820) for 16GB iPhone. As the Apple iPhone 3G is expensive, it isnt possible for all to own one in India. The price is a limiting factor for the sales of Apple iPhone 3G. Though the 3G services are not yet activated in India. It shall be interesting if Nokia N96 enters the race.

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