Adobe Photoshop Now on Your Windows Mobiles – Adobe Mobile Beta

Are you searching for an easier way to upload or share photos online from the mobile phone? Then here is the solution to your hunt. Adobe Systems has steadily extended its Photoshop brand and is further moving to the next step, that is, Mobile. According to Adobe, Mobile is the “easiest way to upload, view, and share photos online from your Windows Mobile phone”. Adobe’s is a Express online photo-editing site.

Users with the help of the Adobe software can now upload photos from their mobile phone to Online photo albums can be viewed and it is informed that it works on several Windows Mobile handsets. This application can only be used to upload the Images. You cannot even perform basic operations like cropping or Image correction.

The Beta version is available for the following mobiles:

* Samsung Blackjack™ I (AT&T)
* Samsung Blackjack™ II (AT&T)
* MOTO Q™ music 9m (Verizon Wireless)
* MOTO Q™ 9h (AT&T)
* Palm® Treo™ 700 w|wx (Version Wireless, alltel, Sprint)
* Palm® Treo™ 750 (AT&T)

Key Features:

  • You can upload your Images to where you get 2GB disk space.
  • You can easily view your online Albums.
  • You can create Mobile Shared album’s directly from your Mobile.

Incase your mobile phone fails to support Adobe then in such a case using Shozu mobile phone software is suggested. This software offers 350 differing mobile handsets to upload to It works with WordPress, Facebook, and Google’s Blogger, and also helps you in sending photos to multiple e-mail addresses.

To Install the application point your mobile browser to

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