4G WiMAX with Localized Features from Sprint

Sprint in association with some of the partners will make the WiMAX localized by this fall. For all the users of the Sprint will get news, hangout reviews, weather and other similar information specific their locale. This is possible through XOHM 4G network browsing which is known as “geobrowsing”. The service is scheduled to start with Baltimore and then followed by Chicago, Washington D.C. Made feasible with the help of mobile partners for this one of its kind 4G usage.

The GPS provided will track and takes care of updated position of the user which is sent to the applications running in the back end. API provided by the third party groups and in partner with “uLocate” which is the base for this service the firm has already made all kinds of tests. You can expect some of the giants to be involved in the launch. Yelp will provided updates business views of that location like the local restaurants and other places reviews. Eventful will track and provide you the updated list of event in your location along with guided maps to that location.

The localized search service and the maps are provided by Google. Users will have internet access as well. In order to join the program it is made free for the third party developers. The firm has even mentioned about its efforts to be as partner with many others to come up with XOHM enable devices. It is supposed to have PDAs, Notebooks and laptops in the list to support this technology. The WiMAX cards are going to be the widely used access points when it comes to 4G network. All the localized services are included along with the XOHM.

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