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Watch Youtube Videos From Specific Point With Time Tag

Written By Samrat| 26 October 2008| 2 Comments

Until now Youtube doesn’t allow you to add a tag to the video so that you can watch it from that specific point. But now you can add a time tag to your Youtube videos. So when you send a video to your friend with a time tag attached to it he(she) can watch the video from that point of time instead of watching it from the start.

Watch Youtube Videos From Specific Point With Time Tag

So if you need to add a time tag to your video all you have to do is just append the URL of the video with a “#t=XmYs” where ‘X’ is the minutes and ‘Y’ is the seconds. Suppose you send a URL as; your video starts from 2 minutes and 10 seconds. This will really help us to save a lot of time as well as Bandwidth.

Another feature added is that when a user comments a video with a specific time Youtube adds a hyperlink to that point in video.


  • Madhur Kapoor said:

    This is an amazing software buddy. Nice find

  • venkat said:

    These little addition of features to you tube makes user much more convenient

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