Watch YouTube TV-Friendly Site With YouTube TV

Google’s YouTube launched a new service today, Youtube TV. The service is currently available for only Sony PS3s and Nintendo Wiis. By visiting in your Opera or PS3 browser, you will be getting a new layout,optimized for TV viewing, that lets you browse and search through videos very easily. You can even watch the videos in full screen mode. There is an option to autoplay the next video in the playlist or from search results after the current one is completed.


YouTube blog says “With enlarged text and simplified navigation, it makes watching YouTube on your TV as easy and intuitive as possible. Optional auto-play capability enables users to view related videos sequentially, emulating a traditional television experience. The YouTube TV Website is available internationally across 22 geographies and in over 12 languages.”

So I tried to visit the page and I got a normal page. Later I realized that I can see the original page only by changing the User agent(Thanks to blogoscoped) that mimics a Nintendo or Play station. Here is a way to do that.

View YouTube TV on your Computer

  • Install User Agent Switcher for FireFox
  • Set Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 2.00) and Opera/9.23 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 1038-58; Wii Internet Channel/1.0; en)
  • Visit YouTube TV and press F11 for Full screen.
  • Connect your PC to the TV and watch the YouTube TV official page.

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