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Search with Your Voice using Yahoo oneSearch with voice

Written By Samrat| 11 November 2008| One Comment

These days many people are using their Mobile phones and Smartphones to browse the Internet and check mails. This is the reason why Google is concentrating very much on their mobile tools. To compete with Google, Yahoo is coming up with many new tools and features for mobile users. Yahoo had recently added a voice feature for oneSearch which will help you to get answers on your mobile using your voice. Using Yahoo’s oneSearch with voice, it’s fast and easy to search for anything you need when you’re mobile. All you have to do is just speak in to your phone and you will get the response.

Search with Your Voice using Yahoo oneSearch with voice

With Yahoo oneSearch with voice you can easily search for Movies, Restaurants, Sports News, Weather information and many more. The good thing is that, it has got a built-in feedback system. So it will get smarter as you continue using it. You can even switch between your Voice ad keyboard at any time.

Yahoo! oneSearch with voice is to be supported on US, India, and Singapore carriers for the following devices:

  • BlackBerry Pearl (8100 series)
  • BlackBerry Curve (8300 series)
  • BlackBerry 8800 series

if you had tried Yahoo oneSearch with voice do share your thoughts.

One Comment »

  • Arun | BE Folks said:

    if this feature comes to all carriers then that would be really helpful!!

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